Engineering at Franciscan University

Our vision and mission

Guided by our Catholic faith, driven by innovation: we form virtuous engineering and computing professionals to serve the authentic good with skill and excellence.

At Franciscan University, the Department of Engineering and Computing prides itself on offering a rigorous academic program deeply rooted in Catholic tradition.  Our engineering curriculum is designed to challenge students intellectually, morally, and ethically, preparing them to tackle the world’s most pressing technological problems with a strong sense of social responsibility. With a commitment to academic excellence and a holistic approach to education, our faculty members guide students through a transformative learning experience that emphasizes technical competency, professional communication, and team-based problem solving.

The engineering program is both rewarding and demanding.  Students can expect a robust course sequence in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Additionally, students will have hands-on laboratory experiences and opportunities to pursue research and internships. Our Catholic Faith and values permeate every aspect of the curriculum.  With a focus on ethical decision-making and service to others, graduates in Engineering and Computing from Franciscan University emerge as competent leaders poised to make a positive impact on society by applying their engineering expertise in areas of aerospace, technology, biomechanics, manufacturing, and chemical engineering.

As an engineering student at Franciscan, you’ll have a variety of degree programs to choose from, including four-year mechanical engineering and software engineering majors on our Ohio campus or dual-degree programs with our excellent partner colleges.

What does it mean to be a Catholic Engineer?

Whether you’re considering admission to a bachelor’s or associates degree program, you’ll be mentored by expert faculty in a faithfully Catholic atmosphere. You’ll have the opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art facilities and gain experience through resume-building internships.

Our bachelor’s degrees in mechanical or software engineering thoroughly prepare students for their respective professional fields. Dual-degree program students benefit from the influence of our Catholic values, mission, and faculty before continuing their education at prestigious colleges like Notre Dame, the Catholic University of America, and other Catholic engineering colleges in the United States.

In addition to the major degree programs you can study at Franciscan, there are also multiple minors and concentrations that engineering students can take to improve their career-earning prospects. A concentration in management or business will help students become leaders in their fields. Students with an interest in the field of computer science have the opportunity to gain a minor in cybersecurity.

Faith and science exist in harmony on our campus. Experiential learning and a rich Catholic faith life on campus will ensure your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. You will be equipped to transform your spiritual life and the world around you as an engineering major at Franciscan University.

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Expand Your Skills
Computer Science

Computer science students at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio build a strong technical and ethical foundation of knowledge and skills for a variety of jobs in computing fields.

Mathematical Science

Math is the universal language. At Franciscan University, you’ll discover all its intricacies and apply it to real world problems through the lens of the Catholic faith. A bachelor’s degree in mathematical science prepares you for careers in engineering, technology, computer science, and economics.

Cybersecurity Minor

Add to your engineering degree by minoring in cybersecurity. Be formed in your faith while learning the latest data protection and computer security techniques. Information technology security is more important now than ever, and Franciscan students have the knowledge and integrity to be leaders in the programming field.

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