Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Program Overview

Dive into the world of software and digital technology combined with a systematic engineering approach. Using the structured and cohesive methods of engineering, you will learn to build and implement versatile software systems that fulfill the needs of front and back-end users on both the individual and organizational level.

An engaging Software Engineering program

In the Software Engineering bachelor degree program at Franciscan University in Ohio, you will learn and apply modern software engineering development methodologies e.g., Agile DevSecOps and Cyber Security phenomenon with respective mitigation techniques, in alignment to high business and government talent demand signals.

Specialization in Engineering fields

For students with a passion for cybersecurity, Franciscan University offers a specialization in that field. Students in related degree programs can take advantage of our minors in software engineering and cybersecurity

The Intersection of Faith, Technology, and Engineering

As the only Newman Guide recommended Catholic school with a software engineering program, our students benefit from the Catholic intellectual tradition, hands-on experiential learning opportunities, and mentoring from expert faculty.

Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Software Engineering Program uniquely prepares you to meet the ethical and moral challenges of a field that needs leaders who can be trusted with sensitive information. 

Explore More of the Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Program

Here are just a few other ways Franciscan’s software engineering degree program stands out from the rest: 

Scholarships and Financial Aid 

  • From need-based grants to scholarships specifically for incoming students to loans and work opportunities, there are many options available to make your Franciscan software engineering major affordable. Learn more about college costs and tuition at Franciscan. 

Faculty Mentoring

  • Students will be able to develop mentoring relationships with dedicated and inspiring Catholic university professors. As experts in their fields, your professors are committed to helping you reach their intellectual, professional, and spiritual goals. 

Experiential Learning in software engineering, cybersecurity, and more

  • From research to study abroad to internships in Ohio and across the country, you’ll gain a true understanding of software engineering through practical experiences as well as classroom-based learning. In the Introduction to Software Engineering course, for example, students will begin working with the methods, tools, and processes of software design and engineering.
  • Franciscan’s Ethics in Cyberspace will not only introduce students to the growing sophistication of the technological world but also thoroughly examines the ethics of Internet systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all through the lens of Catholic morality. 

Catholicism in Action

  • Combine your passion for technology and your faith at a place where the Catholic Church is truly alive. Software engineering students at Franciscan University can enrich their faith through mission trips, household life, Festivals of Praise, weekly adoration, a variety of ministries, and spiritual retreats.  
What Can You Do With a Software Engineering Degree?

The intense demand for software engineering and cybersecurity analysts only continues to grow. Many career paths are open to you when you complete your degree program at Franciscan University in Ohio.

Graduates of the Catholic-focused software engineering degree program can be assured that their academic and ethical training will help them as they enter this rapidly expanding job market. Moreover, the benefit of the program’s emphasis on high ethical standards will allow students to pass required security clearances and lead the tech world in a positive direction.  

Graduate and Professional Paths for Software Engineering Majors     

  • Software Engineering 
  • Computer Science 
  • Software Development 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Application Development 
  • Information Technology 

Potential Job Titles for Software Engineering Majors  

  • Embedded Software Engineer 
  • Software Developer 
  • Computer Network Architect 
  • Information Security Analyst  
  • App Developer 
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Operating Systems Developer
Engineering Objective, Student Outcomes, & Enrollment and Grad Data
The Engineering and Computing programs at Franciscan University of Steubenville aim to prepare students to bring value to people through the development of technology. The department offers five different degree pathways: Computer Information Science, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and various Dual-Degree “Pre-Engineering” options in collaboration with partner schools. Each pathway offers students the opportunity to develop competence in a wide variety of engineering and computing disciplines and leverages the University’s commitment to Dynamic Orthodoxy with coursework and retreats that foster virtue formation and are built firmly on the Catholic intellectual tradition.


Academic Catalog

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New Engineering Majors Emerging

Franciscan Magazine Autumn 2021, “New Engineering Majors Emerging” by Sarah Ambrosio



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What does it mean to be a Catholic Engineer?
Beyond the Classroom
Cybersecurity Minor

Enter into the engaging field of cybersecurity as you earn a concentration or minor in cybersecurity from a Catholic university. Data protection is more important than ever. The intersection of cybersecurity, programming, and software engineering at the Franciscan University of students the opportunity to apply Catholic integrity and ethical standards to user protection and computer science.

Mechanical Engineering Major

Be a leader in the field of mechanical engineering. Students in our program are mentored by experts, practice in state-of-the-art labs, and foster professional relationships through internships. Your degree from Franciscan University will help you launch your successful engineering career while enriching your faith life.

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